Reinforcing profiles PVC construction

Reinforcing profiles for PVC-structures (Note: PVC - polyvinylchloride)

Profile-Invest Company guarantees the reinforcing profiles compliance with the present specification (TUU 27.3-36233301-001:2009) if the consumer observes the transportation and storage rules.
Profiles are supplied 6 m long.
Supply of profiles of any length (1 m minimum) is available.
Profiles are manufactured with the thickness of 1.0-2.0 mm according with the present specification requirements:
* Profile length deviation is 5.0 mm maximum.
* Profile cross-section deviation is 0.8 mm maximum.
* Deviation of the flange parallelism in profile section is 0.3 mm maximum.
* Deviation of the flange perpendicularity in profile section is 0.5 mm maximum.
* Profile twist angle along the longitudinal axis is 2 degrees maximum.
* Profile camber is 1.6 mm maximum .